Call for Nominations: Secretary, Northern Rep, Southern Rep

The word 'nominations' on a notepad next to a pencil on a wooden desk

The Athletic Trainers Society of New Jersey is seeking members to nominate candidates for the following positions:

1. Secretary

2. Northern Representative

3. Southern Representative

All members are encouraged to nominate someone whom they believe may qualify for each of these positions . All candidates must be members in good standing of the ATSNJ, Inc. Those whom are nominated for Northern or Southern Representative must have their preferred address listed in the region that they are being nominated for. All candidates are asked to submit a short video that can be posted to our Facebook page, that will briefly introduce themselves, and describe why they feel they would be a good candidate for the position they are running for. Videos should not exceed 3 minutes. Please note, these videos will not be required until after the nominating period is closed and nominations have been are finalized.

The call for nominations will be open up until October 23, 2019 at 11:59pm. Please direct any submitted nominations to my email address: I encourage everyone to get involved and make our organization even stronger. Involvement is the engine to foster continued growth and to strengthen our profession.



Kenneth T. Cieslak, DC, ATC, CSCS
Nominations Chair- ATSNJ
Audience: Athletic Trainer
Categories: Athletic Training