Injury Prevention

New Guidelines Seek to Prevent Death in Young Athletes

New guidelines outlining the causes and prevention of sudden death among athletes were released this week by the National Athletic Traine

End Game: Brain Trauma And The Future Of Youth Football In America

"Protect the game of football. Protect our children's brains. The hope is that we can do both. Biology and physics suggest otherwise.

Helmet Fit Critical to Preventing Concussion, Say Researchers

Concussions and the issues that can occur following one, continue to be a serious problem for football players.

Skin Infection Resource Page

As wrestling season hit championship tournament season it is vitally imp[ortant to avoid skin infections and to be educated on the sign a

Youth Soccer Coaches Concussion Awareness Survey

Here is a great website highlighting a youth soccer coaches concussion awareness survey done by Kurrio and Axon Sports.

Can Sport Specialization Cause Youth Injuries?

An increase in sport specialization -- whereby young athletes play only one competitive sport from an early age -- is causing a drastic r

Female Soccer Players May Face Health Problems: Study

Intense training combined with insufficient nutrition may threaten the health of young female soccer players, suggests a new study that f

How much off season training is too much?

Kids have always wanted to be like their sports idols. They mimic their batting stances, end zone dances and signature fadeaway jumpers.