Injury Prevention

March 3 -Athletic Training Month Resource of the Day

Participation in youth sports is at an all-time high. With participation comes sports injuries: 

March 1 - Athletic Training Month Resource of the Day

March is National Athletic Training Month.  The 2015 theme is "We Prepare, You Perform".

ACL Knee Injuries - An Ounce of Prevention is Priceless

Nearly a quarter of a million anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries occur each year in North America in athletes who participate in high demand sports such as soccer, football, and basketball.

March 27 - Athletic Training Month Resource of the Day

Preventing Little League Elbow

"Little League Elbow" -- is an inflammation of the inner elbow that affects an alarming number of youth baseball players across America. Pitchers are most affected by this injury, which is the result of the excessive stress on the growth plate in a child’s forearm caused by excessive throwing. Children who experience little league elbow often complain of pain on the inside of their elbows and an inability to fully extend their arms.

Because Curlers Can Pull Muscles, Too
The repetitive sliding and sweeping at the Olympic curling center exact a toll that physical therapists for the United States and Britain try to minimize. Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

Among the things that a curling team would not seem to need, an official athletic trainer might rank with a beach umbrella and a maid to sweep up after the athletes. But here is Brian McWilliams, a certified athletic trainer, on hand to treat any injury that might befall an American curler.
He knows what you are thinking.
“I get that all the time: ‘What injuries do they have?’ ” McWilliams said. “You know, it looks so simple. But it’s really a unique and difficult sport.”

Los Angeles Lakers' Injury Problems Costs Millions but Could Be Solved

Twenty-four hours in a day. Sixty minutes in an hour. Forty-eight minutes in a game. Every second counts.
Yet there's often only one athletic trainer on the sidelines of an NBA game. With 15 men and millions of dollars on the line, the athletic trainer is hardly an entire crew, but there are times when the short full-time staff of an NBA team might act against the best interests of the team itself.

How to Prevent a Pitching Sports Injuries

"The debate over youth pitching has shifted in recent years from what types of pitches youth pitchers should avoid to how many pitches are too many for a young throwing arm. The mechanics of throwing a curve ball won’t necessarily damage a young pitcher’s arm, but the repetitive throwing as a pitcher learns to throw a curve can be the source of minor and sometimes serious damage to the arm; causing elbow injury or shoulder injury."

New Youth Baseball Safety Recommendations

Play Ball Safely, With New Baseball Guidelines From Pediatricians:


Year-round youth soccer raises injury concerns

If Mary Jane Bender had her way, commands such as, "Just tough it out" and "Go back in and play the game" would be banned from youth soccer fields.