Injury Prevention

March 14th - Sun Safety

Helpful Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun!

1. Use SPF sun protection of at least 30.

March 13th - March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Coaches, athletes and parents can play an active role in keeping their children injury-free.

March 12th - When to Replace Your Athletic Shoes

When athletic shoes should be replaced depends upon amount of usage, signs of wear and age of the shoe.

March 10th - Prevention of Overuse Injuries

Training errors are the most common cause of overuse injuries.

March 7th - Static Stretching

There is always discussion and debate about why we stretch, how we should stretch, when we should stretch and if it is beneficial.

March 6th - The Dynamic Warm-Up

Gone are the days of jogging a lap and a quick static stretch before practice.

March 5th - The Cool Down

The cool down is just as important as the warm-up.  Cooling down is similar to warming up.