About Athletic Training

An Athletic Trainer is:

•    Allied health professional who works under the direction/supervision of a licensed physician to provide health care to athletes.


The Role of an Athletic Trainer is:

•    Prevention of injuries

•    Recognition/Evaluation of injuries

•    Management/Treatment/Disposition of injuries

•    Rehabilitation

•    Organization & Administration


Education Criteria for National Certification:

•    College degree with core/section requirements fulfilled

•    Proof of current First Aid Certification or EMT equivalent

•    Proof of current Basic CPR Certification

•    Successful Completion of NATABOC Exam & application

•    Clinical Supervision hours (minimum 2 years)


Criteria for State Licensure:

•    NATABOC Certification

•    Meet all State Licensure Requirements


Athletic Trainers Provide:

•    On site evaluation & treatment for the injured athlete

•    Immediate first aid care

•    Follow-up rehabilitation care

•    Health Professional Resource person available to athlete

•    Specific conditioning programs for injury prevention


Employment Opportunities:

•    High School with/without teaching responsibilities, including Full Time Athletic Trainer, Part time Athletic Trainer, Teacher-Athletic Trainer, Substitute Athletic Trainer, Administrative Assistant-Athletic Trainer, Nurse Office-Athletic Trainer

•    College & University

•    Professional Teams


The most common employment settings include work in secondary schools, colleges, clinics, and professional sports, however, licensed athletic trainers may work in any setting under the supervision of a NJ licensed physician.